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Chapter 5

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Political Science
POLS 3250

Chapter 5 Policy Implementationthe challenges of organizing and delivering outcomes through the use of various policy instrumentsThe field of public admin has concentrated on implementation for most of its history because a great deal of it deals with administrative management harnessing personnel and other resources in order to get things doneThe subject of implementations brings public admin and public policy analysis about as close as they will ever comeHow do we achieve our objectives by organizing services and programsThe practice of public admin and implementation has been undergoing a revolution with decentralization partnerships client focus quality service delivery performance and results special operating agencies privatization commercialization accountabilitythe list of New Public Management practices is longImplementation and policy design are different but they overlap o Think of design as the blueprint for the policy and implementation as its executionis it possible for poorly designed policies to be well implemented and good policy designs be poorly implementedA welldesigned policy with good implementation is the definition of success a good idea well executed o Implementation failure a good idea that suffers from inadequate executionsince the design is sound failure is a matter of organization personnel or resources o Design failure the policy is poorly designed in terms of problem definition instruments or goals but it is executed reasonably well o Total failure total misery occurs when both design and implementation are seriously flawed To be realistic most policies will have shortcomings in design and in implementationImplementation makes a distinct contribution to the success or failure of a policy o Implementation is the stage of policymaking between the establishment of a policy passage of a legislative act issuing of an executive order judicial decision and the consequences of the policy for the people whom it affects even a brilliant policy poorly implemented may fail to achieve the goals of its designers Edwards 1984the smart designer builds considerations about implementation into the policy design from the beginningthis chapter focuses on the principles and mechanisms of implementation and the exploding world of new forms of public management and service deliveryImplementation TheoryIn elaborating a set of programs that combine various instruments in order to put the policy into effect how do we ensure success
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