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Chapter 7

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Political Science
POLS 3250

Chapter 7 reviewKey terms Accountability the quality of being accountable to another for ones actions entailing an obligation to respond to questions and regularly reportAccounting unit in doing cost benefit analysis the unit or jurisdiction in which costs and benefits will be ascribedAttribution problem the difficulty of determining what the specific contribution of a policy or program intervention has been to outcomes in contrast to all other possible factors that might have affected those outcomesCausal chain the link of various causes and effects in producing out comes in the implementation processContrasted group design and experimental evaluation design where recipients are compared to non recipients and the differences are ascribed to the programControl group in experimental designs the randomly assigned group that will not be the recipient of the intervention or program and that will form the basis of comparison with the experimental groupCost benefit analysis evaluation of a program in terms of its total cost compared to its total benefits expressed in monetary termsCost effectiveness analysis compares different program alternatives for achieving a given set of goals it is also applied by considering a fixed budget and choosing alternatives that provide the highest rate of goal achievementDepartment performance report DPR annual report on performance of each deferral department for the precious fiscal year the variable that is being explainedDependant variableDiagnostic procedures in which the evaluators re often involved in generating and analyzing data that are relevant to problem definition trend forecasting and program design aspectsDiscount rate the rate chosen to discount future benefits usual assessed as the opportunity costs of capital meaning the rate of return if the programs sums were invested in the private sectorExperimental design the evaluation of impact based on randomly assigned experimental and control groups
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