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Political Science
POLS 3300

Unit 6 Police GovernanceReading 1 Burbidge The Governance Deficit Reflections on the Future of Public and Private Policing in Canada pg 6369Unacceptable for private police that carry out same actions as many public police officers are not subject to same form of democratic governance and accountabilityPrivate officers patrol guard investigate respond to emergencies monitor collect intelligence work undercover etctasks of policing are increasingly being shared between public and private providersPrivate police members say that they are already accountable in many ways to the individuals and the corporate and community bodies that employ them to the civil and criminal law to the competitiveness of the market and sometimes scrutiny of media Governed by Rule of LawIn Canada USA and Australia public police are subject to direction from and accountable to a public governance authority equally importantly the actions and policies of public police are subject to oversight by an independent public complaints authorityShould examine the effectiveness of complaint authoritiesFrom the perspective of the rule of law it is not proper for public police officers to be governed by and accountable to the governmentand to the public while private officers are not even though they do the same things Reading 2 Hermer Policing in Canada in the 21st Century Directions for Law ReformChanges in policing over decades restructuring the institution and changing development techniques for accomplishing policy goals article reviews such changes and their social implications and the need for a reconsideration of the role of law to be more effective realistic equitable etc policing is more than just what the police do their definition of policing is any activity that is expressly designed and intended to establish and maintain or enforce a defined order within a communityPolicing can also be performed by individuals with policing responsibilities neighbourhood watch Block Parents etcResponsibilization of citizens to police is becoming more popular with neoliberal concept of governanceFormally defined order by lawsInformally defined order customs and traditions passed through generationsBut order that is actually policed varies for example legislature may say the speed limit is 100 but police enforce it when its 115Safety and security are objectives most claimed by police authoritiesOrder and policing are largely determined by the interests of the state or the authorities who define orderEx actions taken to clean up a downtown shopping area may improve security in the eyes of the shop owners but it is threatening and oppressive to the homeless people beggers unemployed youth etc who feel they should have the right to be in that area frequently as it is a public placeOrder and policing attempt to establish a balance between competing interests of a community Goal of article is to identify kinds of legal reform that will produce legal environment conducive to development of proper policing
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