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Week Four 3710 Queer Theory Two meanings of Queer  Conceptually o Dominant approach into which non-sexuality is studied  Foucault o No actual date of when this theory was born  Because there are many theorist o Resisting that model of stability which claims hetero as its origin, when it is more properly its effect—queer focuses on mismatches between sex, gender, and desire(incoherence’s between these three that are seen as hetero) . Demonetarising the impossibility of any natural sexuality it calls into questions even such apparently unproblematic terms as man and women o Calls into question what is to be natural o Everything is socially constructed o Looks at the naturals relations between those three categories  Institutionally o The most recently phase in gay and lesbian studies which was tried to overcome three main obstacles  Exclusion of those who do not fit an ideal type  Excluded lesbians or gays who were not ID as male or female  Other important sources of ID have been marginalized  ID excluded many other ID’s such as creating one to fight in the civil rights movements (misses overlapping ID)  African Americans had different ID of sexual ID o Need to incorporate many other IDs o Intersexuality  Overlapping of IDs that were ended up being suppressed  Taking Id itself as unproblematic and ahistorical  Just because you are gay or lesbian you have to act a certain way and this doesn’t change over time  Queer theory say sexuality is socially constructed and change over time o Looks at everything that does not conform to heteronormativity  Queer theory was seen as an attempt to address theses issues  Main Elements  Id does ont refer to an essence but is rather purley relational  Queer is whateve is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominate. These is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers, It is an id without an essence (halperin 1995)  By lacking an essence it does not marginalize those who sexualities is outside the gay and lesbian norm  Id incorporates the insights of post-structuralism about the difficulties in ascribing an essence or non-historical aspect to ID  Biology to them is a social construction  Some theorist say getting married is conforming to the norms in society  Relies on multiple IDs  Relational understanding “an id without an essence”  Includes all sexualities  The influence of Judith Butler
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