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Should there be ethno-cultural centered schools?
McCray, Carlos R. "An Analysis of Secondary School Principals' Perceptions of
Multicultural Education." Questia. Academic Journal Article, Fall 2016. Web. 7 Nov.
Blog Post:
As society begins to become more diverse than ever before in history, many of our
educational institutions are also reflecting this diversity. Due to the increasing amount of
diversity that is taking place in our society and schools, school principles must take the
initiative of playing a central role in infusing multicultural ideas into schools to make
everyone feel included and accepted. By creating a cultural democracy it will then
empower students and they will feel a greater sense of self-identification where they will
be able to function better within a diverse society. If school leaders create environments
that will promote multicultural pluralism it will provide every student with opportunities
to succeed.
In Canada, I do not believe it would be the most ideal idea if each educational institution
were able to provide each culture equal representation by providing ethno-cultural
centered schools. Although, I do not believe this is attainable to do in our society, or even
an educated decision. Although it would divide equal opportunity to each culture through
education it would cause a lot of conflict in our society. By creating ethno-cultural
centered schools you would also have to ensure that each culture was equally represented,
which is difficult due to financial issues, geographical issues, and many more. I believe a
more ideal solution to the fact that cultures feel excluded would be to better implement
educational teachings to include each culture. By adjusting teachings in educational
institutions to better represent the increase of diversity in Canada. For example, putting
more emphasis on multicultural education. If students, teachers, and other educators learn
to accept people from different backgrounds than all cultures would strive in our society.
In conclusion, it is important for children to feel included at a young age and also be
taught about their culture, but I do not believe that fully excluding each culture from one
another would be beneficial. In fact, I believe it would be ignorant to only be taught about
your culture only; this could therefor cause a stigma towards other cultures.
Do you believe it would be more or less beneficial for the Canadian Government to add
more ethno-cultural centered schools throughout Canada?
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