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Chapter 9

POLS 1400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Friedrich Engels, Proletariat, Petite Bourgeoisie

Political Science
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POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

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Chapter 9: pages 308-321
Gender Stratification and Inequality
- Women’s roles in society have undergone massive changes, particularly in industrialized
- Increased education has brought more of the world’s women into political life but still,
gender equality has not completely been reached in a political manner. Example: the
higher the pay and status is in a political role, the representation of women decreases.
- - Human Development Report states that enrollment of schools for girls is almost
equivalent to boys and post secondary is increasing for females
- 1995 report estimated 70 % of the women in the world are poor
- - 2003 report 12% lived in poverty, 38% poor lone-parent, 31% single (widowed or
divorced) ...16% of these women were poor
Gender Theory
Feminists: believe in removing barriers to the full equality of men and women
-Feminists believe that politics ignore gender roles and assumptions placed on women
-Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels believe a woman staying home is beneficial to the (capitalist
class) economy as they are unpaid, and keep the working class without resources
Gender Theory: explanations about the causes of gender inequality have gained credibility as a
sub discipline in most of social science
- This term is a sub discipline in most of the social sciences
- Politics ignores gender and harbours unconscious assumptions about the role of women
- Significant differences still exist between the economic and social conditions of men and
women in Canadian society such as:
1. Women make up the majority of lone parents
2. Lower earnings among women reflected lower benefit plans in their retirement
- Women are less active in politics than men
- Yet women have brought many new issues to the government’s policy agenda such as:
1. Legal equality rights
2. Abortion rights
3. Sexual harassment policies
Class Stratification and Inequality
- Economic inequalities are responsible for the differences in health, education and quality
of life
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