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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

Module 7: Brain States and Consciousness Defining Consciousness - At beginning definition of psychology was the description and explanation of states of consciousness o Changed to the science of behaviour (1960) - Neuroscience advances related brain activity to sleeping, dreaming and other mental states o Consciousness altered by hypnosis and drugs - Consciousness o Our awareness of ourselves and our environment o Allows us to assemble information from many sources as we reflect o Over time flit between different states of consciousness  Spontaneous  Daydreaming, drowsiness, dreaming  Physiologically induced  Hallucinations, orgasm, food or oxygen starvation  Psychologically induced  Sensory deprivation, hypnosis, meditation - Evolutionary psychologists o Consciousness offers reproductive advantages o Act in longterm interests rather than short term pleasure and avoiding pain o Promotes survival The Biology of Consciousness Cognitive Neuroscience - The study of the brain activity linked with cognition o Perception, thinking, memory, and language - Brain scans can show inward signs of consciousness (playing tennis) o Brain and mind may still be active - Exploring mapping of the conscious functions of the cortex o Limited ways can read your mind - Disagreements o Experiences as produced by the synchronized activity across the brain  Strong signals triggers elsewhere  Weak signals are too brief Dual Processing: The Two-Track Mind - Many of us have two minds supported by its own neural equipment o Have unconscious information processing simultaneously on parallel tracks - Perception, memory, thinking, language and attitudes operate on 2 levels o Conscious, deliberate and unconscious automatic o This is known as dual processing - Milner and Goodale o Blindsight  Condition in which a person can respond to a visual stimulus without consciously experiencing it o Eye sends information simultaneously to different p
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