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PSYC*1000 Psychology in Modules - Module 1 Summary Notes

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PSYC 1000
Benjamin Giguere

Overview of the Field of PsychologySeptember 10 2013Module 1 pages 213What is PsychologyThere is one thing and only one in the whole universe which we know more about than we could learn from external observation That thing being ourselves We have so to speak inside informationCS Lewis 1960 pp 1819Psychology was first defined as the science of mental life and then redefined in the 1920s as the scientific study of observable behavior 2 Major forces in psychology into the 1960s 1Behaviorists psychology should be an objective science that study behavior without reference to mental processes2Freudian Psychology emphasized how unconscious thought processes and our emotional responses to childhood experiences affect our behaviorHumanistic psychologistsfound both Freudian psychology and behaviorism too limiting and the instead drew attention to ways that current environmental influences and nurture of limit growth potential and to the importance of having our needs for love and acceptance satisfied The cognitive revolution occurred during the 60s and brought psychology back to an interest in mental processes like the importance of how our mind processes and retains info Thus cognitive psychology scientifically explores the
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