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PSYC*1000 Psychology in Modules - Module 5 Summary Notes

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PSYC 1000
Benjamin Giguere

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Module 5Tools of Discovery and Older Brain StructuresOctober 12 2013Brain enables the mind seeing hearing smelling feeling remembering thinking speaking dreaming Clinical observations damaging one side of the brain paralyzes or numbs the opposite side of the body damage to the back of the brain disrupted visionLesiontissue destruction doctors can selectively lesion tiny clusters of brain cells leaving surrounding tissue unharmedElectrically chemically andor magnetically stimulate various parts of the brain they may giggle hear voices feel falling turn their head cry out of body experienceEEGamplified readout of brain wavesPETtracks radioactive glucose to reveal brain activityMRIuses magnetic fields and radio waves to show brain anatomyfMRIreveals bloodflow and br
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