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PSYC*1000 Psychology in Modules - Module 15 Summary Notes

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PSYC 1000
Benjamin Giguere

Module 15AdolescenceOctober 14 2013 Development is lifelong Lifespan perspective caused psychologists to look at how maturation and experience shape us not only in infancy but also in adolescence and beyondAdolescence transition period from childhood to adulthood extending from puberty to independencePhysical Development Adolescence begins with puberty Puberty follows a surge of hormones which may intensify moods and trigger a two year period of rapid physical development usually age 11 in females 13 in males During this time primary sex characteristics body structures that make reproduction possible develop dramatically as do secondary sex characteristics nonreproductive sexual characteristics Usually a year or two before puberty boys and girls often feel the first feelings of attraction towards those of the other or their own sexThe sequence of physical changes in puberty is more predictable than their timing Males who experience early maturation tend to be more popular selfassured and independent but are also at risk for alcohol use delinquency and premature sexual activity Females who experience early maturation run the risk of her hormonefed feelings being out of sync with
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