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PSYC1000 - Module 32

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PSYC 1000
Harvey Marmurek

Course: PSYC*1000 (DE) Professor: Harvey Marmurek Schedule: Summer, 2012 Textbook: Psychology – Tenth Edition in Modules authored by David G. Myers Textbook ISBN: 9781464102615 Module 32: Basic Motivational Concepts and Hunger How do psychologists define motivation? From what perspectives do they view motivated behaviour? • Instincts and Evolutionary Psychology o Maslow’s hierarchy of needs • Self-transcendence needs – Need to find meaning and identity beyond the self • Self-actualization needs – Need to live up to our fullest and unique potential • Esteem needs – Need for self-esteem, achievement, competence, and independence; need for recognition and respect from others • Belongingness and love needs – Need to love and be loved, to belong and be accepted; need to avoid loneliness and separation • Safety needs – Need to feel that the world is organized and predictable; need to feel safe • Physiological needs – Need to satisfy hunger and thirst Motivation: a need or desire that energizes and directs behaviour. Instinct: a complex b
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