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Chapter C

PSYC 2040 Chapter Notes - Chapter C: Major Depressive Episode, Cyclothymia, Coronary Artery Disease

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PSYC 2040
Dan Meegan

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coronary heart disease (CHD)
- blockage of the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle, a major cause of
death in Western culture, with social and psychological factors involved
- degree to which two variables are associated
- in a positive correlation, the two variables increase or decrease together; in a
negative correlation, one variable decreases as the other increases
correlation coefficient
- computed statistic reflecting the strength and direction of any association
between two variables
- it can range from +1.000 through zero (indicating no association) to -1.000, with
the absolute value indicating the strength, and the sign reflecting the direction
- pattern of development and change of a disorder over time
covert desensitization
- cognitive-behavioural intervention to reduce unwanted behaviours by having
clients imagine the extremely aversive consequences of the behaviours and
establish negative rather than positive associations with them
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
- extremely rare condition that causes dementia
criminal commitment
- legal procedure by which a person who is found not criminally responsible on
account of a mental disorder must be confined in a psychiatric hospital
cross-generational effect
- limit to the generalizability of longitudinal research because the group under
study may differ from others in culture and experience
cross-sectional design
- methodology to examine a characteristic by comparing different individuals of
different ages
- contrast with longitudinal design
cultural-familial intellectual disability
- mild intellectual disability that may be caused largely by environmental
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