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Chapter P

PSYC 2040 Chapter Notes - Chapter P: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Paraphilia, Mood Disorder

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PSYC 2040
Dan Meegan

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patient uniformity myth
- tendency to consider all members of a category as more similar than they are,
ignoring their individual differences
pedophilic disorder
- a paraphilic disorder involving strong sexual attraction toward children
persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia)
- a mood disorder involving persistently depressed mood, with low self-esteem,
withdrawal, pessimism, or despair; present for at least two years, with no
absence of symptoms for more than two months
person-centred therapy
- therapy method in which the client, rather than the counsellor, primarily directs
the course of discussion, seeking self-discovery and self-responsibility
personality disorder
- enduring maladaptive pattern for relating to the environment and oneself,
exhibited in a wide range of contexts that cause significant functional impairment
or subjective distress
personality inventories
- self-report questionnaires that assess personal traits by asking respondents to
identify descriptions that apply to them
- observable characteristics or behaviours of individuals
- any psychological disorder characterized by marked and persistent fear of an
object or situation
physiological dependence
- one symptom of substance use disorders; includes the use of increasingly
greater amounts of the drug to experience the same effect (tolerance), and a
negative physical response when the substance is no longer ingested
pick’s disease
- very rare neurological disorder that results in presenile (early onset) dementia.
placebo control groups
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