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Chapter P

PSYC 2040 Chapter Notes - Chapter P: Eating Disorder, Laxative, Psychosis

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PSYC 2040
Dan Meegan

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psychodynamic psychotherapy
- contemporary version of psychoanalysis that still emphasizes unconscious
processes and conflicts but is briefer and more focused on specific problems
psychological autopsy
- post-mortem psychological profile of a suicide victim constructed from interviews
with people who knew the person before death
psychological disorder
- psychological dysfunction associated with distress or impairment in functioning
that is not a typical or culturally expected response
psychological factors affecting medical condition
- somatic condition in which a psychological characteristic affects a diagnosed
medical condition, such as asthma being exacerbated by anxiety
- study of psychological influences on the neurological responding involved in the
body’s immune response
- scientific study of psychological disorders
- non-DSM category similar to antisocial personality disorder but with less
emphasis on overt behaviour; indicators include superficial charm, lack of
remorse, and other personality characteristics
psychophysiological assessment
- measurement of changes in the nervous system reflecting psychological or
emotional events, such as anxiety, stress, and sexual arousal
psychosexual stages of development
- in psychoanalysis, the sequence of phases a person passes through during
- each stage is named for the location on the body where id gratification is
maximal at that time
- social and cultural factors (such as family experience) and psychological
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