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Development Over a lifespan.docx

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PSYC 2310
Connie Zavitz

Development FunctionsNo change remain constantcontinuous gradual changes StagesDiscontinuous ChangesInverted UShape o Emerges early peaks and than diminishes with ageUShape Function o Emerges early disappears then reemergesResearch Design Cohort group born at the same time Crosssectional compare different ages at same timeDifferent cohorts grew up in different time periodsDifferent experiences cultural changes environmental changes Longitudinal repeatedly tests the same cohort as it grows olderTime consumingpeople drop outEg test 10 year olds this month then retests every 5 years Sequential test several cohorts at they agePrenatal Development 3 STAGES GerminalFirst two weeksZygote attaches to uterine wall Embryonic ndth 28 weekplacenta and umbilical cord development Fetal th 9 week28 weeksage of viabilityPrenatal DevelopmentGenetics and Sex discrimination rd 23 chromosome means boy or girlfemale XX MaleXY Y chromosome contains TDFInitiates development of testesTestes secrete androgens Critical period 68 weeksInsufficient androgen activityFEMALE Prenatal Development Teratogens
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