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Chapter 12

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Chapter 12: Aggression Martens 2007  Participants asked to kill 1 or 5 bugs, then later had to complete an extermination task  = higher initial aggression resulted in higher aggression later Huesmann  8-year-olds followed them 22 years later  = most aggressive at beginning stayed most aggressive Dienstbier 1998  Weapon condition: practice casting fishing rod (video), holding and aiming rifle/pistol  Sport condition: gymnastics (video), held a football, think about basketball slam-dunking (video)  All then read crime scenarios and recommended sentences  = weapon condition recommended longer sentences Kulik 1979  Participants phoned for donations  Some told people were likely to donate, some told people were likely to refuse  = told they would donate showed higher levels of aggression when people refused Pedersen 2000  Mild/irritating music, difficult/easy anagrams, neutral/negative feedback from experimenter, neutral/negative feedback from confederate  Rated research assistant after watching a video of a confederate who either did poorly or well on the task  = irritating, difficult, negative, negative, rated negative for assistant, anger displacement Anderson 1997  Heat = more crime Berkowitz 1967  Male participant were first provoked and then deliver a shock  Sports or revolver and rifle in room  = weapons present gave higher shock Zillman 1972  Mild/strenuous exercise; men, then provoked  = strenuous delivered higher shock Bandura 1963  Some children watched video of adult beating up a Bobo doll  = when children couldn’t have the toys they wanted they responded by mimicking the behaviour seen in the video Carnagey 2005  Car racing video game  Three versions: violence was rewarded, violence was punished, violence was not an option  = rewarded for violence displayed increased hostile
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