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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

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Chapter 3: The Self: Self-Perception and Self-Presentation − “Know thyself” - Solon, the Greek Thinker − Who are you? - Self-concept or self-knowledge (“me”) - Self-awareness (“I”) Three Features of Self: (Basic aspects cross-culturally) i. Self includes the body ii. Self includes social identity (i.e. student, group members) iii. Self is the active agent (decision based on goals, regulations, etc.) Functions of Selfhood: i. Self is an interpersonal tool (helps us have relationships, we are who we think we are and with no knowledge of ourselves we have no sense of identity) ii. Self makes choices (obligation + goals, people make small and large decisions that reflect their principles, goals and priorities.) iii. Self-regulation (we have contradictory goals, hierarchy of needs, also looks at emotional regulation) Self-Concept: an individual’s overall beliefs about his or her own attributes. (William James referred to this as the “know” or the “me”) ∗ Self-concept clarity is defined as the extent to which knowledge about the self is clearly or consistently defined. Self-Knowledge Comes from - Self comparison - Feedback from others Self as a “Blank Slate”?! – Not exactly True! Perceived Self-Knowledge ∗ Self-Knowledge is obtained from others but it is heavily filtered through biases from others -politeness of others - Our lack of tendency to hear and process criticism Accuracy of Self-Knowledge Chapter 3: The Self: Self-Perception and Self-Presentation ∗ Is it possible to have accurate understanding of self-knowledge? -Yes, autobiography writers. (self-concept is the most complete form of knowledge imaginable) - No, psychoanalysts (true sense of self is outside our consciousness. We need therapists)(Self -concept is very hard to obtain) Introspection ∗ Is one way of developing self-knowledge ∗ The process of looking inward and examining our thoughts and feelings ∗ Has some limitations i. People in don’t engage in it often ii. Reasons for some of our behaviours are hidden from our conscious awareness ∗ Affective forecasting: the process of predicting the impact of both positive and negative events on mood. Healthy Self-Knowledge ∗ Acco
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