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Chapter 12

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PSYC 2310

Chapter 12- Aggression March 10 2014 How do biological factors influence aggression? - Two instinct and evolutionary theorys that predict aggression: • Freud’s death wish • Lorenz’s instinct theory of aggression - Impact of genetics and horomes on rates of aggression - Male inmates with higher levels of testosterone are more likely than those with lower levels of testosterone to have committed crimes against a person than property crimes, and are more likely to have violated rules in prison How do psychological factors influence aggression? - Frustration-aggression theory • Displacement and relative deprivation • Critiques of this theory - The impact on aggression of negative affect • Heat • Arousal • Other negative conditions • Aggressive cues - How social learning theory explains aggression, the influence of modeling and reinforcement - People who completed a survey in a room with a weapon recommended longer prison sentences than those who were in a room with a piece of sports equipment How do the media influence aggression? - Four factors that explain the link between media exposure and aggression • Modelling • Priming of aggressive thoughts and feelings • Physiological arousal • Desensitization - Playing violent games leads to more aggression than playing nonviolent games, especially for men How can we reduce aggression? - Strategies for reducing aggression: • Punishing aggressive behaviour • Modelling non-aggressive responses • Training in communication and problem-solving skills • Increasing empathy - Simply saying sorry to someone you’ve harmed (even unintentionally) reduces aggression How does culture relate to aggression?
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