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Chapter 14

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PSYC 2310

Chapter 14- InterpersonalAttraction and Close Relationship March 10 2014 What factors lead to attraction? - Different predictors of interpersonal attraction: • Physical attractiveness • Relationship factors (similarity, complementarity, reciprocity) • Situational factors (physiological arousal, proximity, contrast effect) - “Secret relationships” can lead to particularly high levels of attraction What is love? - Theories of love: • Triangular theory (passion, intimacy, commitment) • Love styles model (ludus, eros, mania, agape, storge, pragma) • Arousal-attribution theory • Reward theory • Social norms approach • Social exchange theory - We see relationships with people we “love” as different from those with people we are “in love” with What predicts a healthy and happy relationship? - Two models that predict satisfaction in relationships: • The attachment styles model (secure, anxious/ambivalent, anxious/avoidant) • Positive illusions approach What are some common problems in close relationships? - Several common problems that emerge in close relationships • Constructive and deconstructive approaches to managing conflict • Gender differences in reactions to infidelity • The causes and correlates of loneliness • The hazards and benefits of relationship dissolution How does culture influence attraction and close relationships? - The role of culture in influencing interpersonal attraction and close relationships - Cultural differences in defining beauty, the nature of love, and the nature of friendship - People in individualistic cultures report having higher-quality “best-friend” relationships, and those in collectivistic cultures report having higher-quality peer relationsh
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