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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2310
Paula Barata

Chapter 16- Behaviour In A Social Context - Zimbardo experiment simulated prison (university students)  participants too involved in roles (guard/prisoner)  study incomplete - social thinking and social perception: how we feel/think about social world - social influence: others influencing behaviour - social relations: behave towards others - attributions made judgements of causes/outcomes of ours and others behaviour - personal (internal)- behaviour by characteristics - situational (external)- situation causes behaviour - Harold Kelley says 3 info… consistency, distinctiveness and consensus determine attribution High  situation consistency high, others low  personal - fundamental attribution error: underestimate situation, overestimate personal - self-serving bias: personalsuccess, situationalfailure - Solomon Asch impression experiment - Primacy effect: attach to what first learned about person - Recency effect: attach to recent info - Mental set told something, expect to see it, perceive it that way (schemas!!) - Stereotype: generalized belief about group - Self-fulfilling prophecy: unconscious, person behaves in way toward someone that brings out behaviour expected by that person - Attitude: positive/negative reaction to person, action, o
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