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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Dynamics of Behaviour Notes

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PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

Treatment of Psychological DisordersChapter 14PsychologyThe Helping Relationship The goal of all treatment approaches is to help people change poorly adapted selfdefeating thoughts feelingbehavior patterns so that they can live happiermore productive lives Majority of people w mental health problems first seek help from family members physicians members of the clergy or self help groups before seeking help from mental health professionals30 of North Americans have sought help from psychological professionals in their lives Several categories of mental health professionals Counselingclinical psychologists make up 1 group Psychiatrists Specialize in psychotherapydrug therapyPsychodynamic Therapies This approach to psychotherapy focuses on internal conflictunconscious factors that underlie maladaptive behaviourPsychoanalysis Goal of psychoanalysis is to help client achieve insight to their problems This awareness will help clients to adjust their behaviours tot heir current life situations rather than continuing to repeat old maladaptive routines learned in childhoodFree Association Freud believed mental events are meaningfully associated with one another that that clues to the contents of the unconscious are to be found in the constant stream of thoughts memories images and feelings we experienceDream Interpretation Psychoanalysts believe that dreams express impulses fantasies and wishes that the clients defenses keep in the unconscious during waking hoursResistance Defensive maneuvers that hinder the process of therapy Resistance can be manifested in many different ways may come late to appointment forget about a session or avoid talking about certain topicsTransference occurs when the client responds irrationally to the analyst as if he or she were an important figure from the clients past Most important process in psychoanalysis bring out repressed feelings Takes 2 basic formspositive transference occurs when client transfers feelings of intense affection dependency or love to analystNegative Transference involves irrational expressions of anger hatred or disappointmentInterpretation any statement by the therapist intended to provide the client with insight into his or her behaviour dynamics Thus statement confronts clients w something that they have not previously admitted into consciousness This is time consuming because client must arrive at the insightBrief Psychodynamic TherapiesInterpersonal Therapy highly structured therapy that takes longer than 15 to 20 session focuses on clients current interpersonal problems One of the most effective current therapies for depression Humanistic Psychotherapies Humanistic theorists view humans as capable of consciously controlling their actionstaking responsibility for their choicesbehaviour Also believe that everyone possesses inner resources for selfhealing and personal growththat disordered behaviour reflects a blocking of the natural growth process Therapists goal is to create an environment in which clients can engage in selfexplorationremove the barriers that block their natural tendencies towards personal growth Barriers often result from childhood experiences that unrealistic or maladaptive standards for self
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