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Chapter 1

Textbook Notes For Chapter 1

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Psych 1200 Study notes Chapter 1Clinical psychology the study and treatment of mental disordersCognitive psychology study of mental processes eg consciousness attention memory decision making problem solving Psycholinguistics psychology of languageBio psychology brain process genes hormones thoughts feelingsDevelopmental psychology physical psychological social development eg emotional world of infantsExperimental psychology learning sensory systems perception motivational statesIndustrialorganizational psychology workplace behaviour leadership and teamwork Personality psychology human personality personality traitsSocial psychology peoples thoughts feelings and behaviour Empirical evidence evidence gained through experience and observationGoals of psych Describe how people and animals behave Explain and understand causes of behaviour Predict how people and animals behave under conditions Influence or control behaviour through knowledgeBasic research knowledge for its own sakeApplied research solve practical problems Mindbody dualism mind is a spiritual entityRene Descartes Mind and body interact through the brains pineal glandDualismno amount of research on the physical body could unravel the nonphysical mind Monism mind and body are onemental events correspond to physical events in the brainThomas Hobbes
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