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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Psychology Notes

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

CHAPTER 12Development Refers to the continuities and changes that occur within the individual between conception and deathTwo processes lead to developmental changeMaturationThe biologicallytimed unfolding of changes within the individual according to that individuals genetic planLearningThe experiences that we go through that lead to enduring changes in our thoughts behaviours and feelingsInteractionist perspective The view that developmental change is the product of what happens when maturation and learning interact with each otherFour ways to learn about what is going on in infants mindHabituation procedureEvoked potentialsHighamplitude suckingPreference methodHabituation procedureRepeatedly present the infant with the same stimulusMeasure certain physiological responseAt first infant will show some changes in physiological responseAfter a while wont see a response anymoreThis is habituationChange the stimulusIf the infant detects the change in the stimulus then they should show a change in responseThis is dishabituationEvoked potentialsMeasure an infants brain waves through electrodes while you present a stimulusIf the infant can detect the stimulus then you will see a change in the pattern of brain wavesHighamplitude sucking method
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