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University of Guelph
PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 1 Psychology The Science of BehaviourPsychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the factors that influence itThe term behaviour is used very broadly as it refers to both to actions we can directly observe and mental processes such as thoughts feelings images and physiological reactionsTo determine the cause of these forms of behaviour biological individual and environmental factors are taken into accountPsychology explores the nature and causes of our feelings motives behind our actions and thoughts Basic research research designed to obtain knowledge for its own sakeApplied research research involving the application of scientific knowledge to solve practical problemsThe goals of basic research is describe how people behave and identify the factors that influence or cause a certain type of behaviourApplied research uses principles discovered through basic research to solve practical problemsExamples of how they are used together Eagles and RattlersGoals of Psychology 1 To describe how people and other animals behave 2 To explain and understand the causes of these behaviours 3 To predict how people and animals will behave under certain conditions 4 To influence or control behaviour through knowledge and control of its causes to enhance human welfareIf we understand the causes of behaviour and know when casual factors are present or absent then we are more successfully able to predict when the behaviour will occurIf we can control the causes we could possibly control the behaviourExample of how the goals of psychology are used Robbers CovePerspectives are vantage points for analyzing behaviour and its biological psychological and environmental causesPerspectives reflect and shape our conception of human natureSix major perspectives characterize contemporary psychological thought they are
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