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Chapter 13

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PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

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Chapter 13Psych 1200Attributions judgments about the causes of our own and other peoples behaviour and outcomesFritz Heider y Our attempts to understand why people behave as they do typically involve either personal attributions or situational attributions Personal Attributions internal infer that peoples behaviour is caused by their characteristics Situational Attributions externalinfer that aspects of the situation cause a behaviourThree types of information determine the attribution we make 1 Consistency 2 Distinctiveness 3 ConsensusFundamental Attribution Error Under estimate the impact of the situation and overestimate the role of personal factors when explaining other peoples behavioursSelfServing Bias the tendency to make relatively more personal attributions for success and situational attributions for failureSame underlying psychological principlea link between holistic thinking and beliefs about causalityseems to account for informationseeking differences between cultures as well as among individuals within each culturey Attributions play a key role in impression formationPrimary Effect mpression formation our tendency to attach more importance to the initial information that we learn about a person y New information can change our opinion y First we tend to be more alert to information we receive first y Second initial information may shape how we perceive subsequent informationSchemas mental framework that help us organize and interpret informationStereotype a generalized belief about a group or category of peopleSelffulfilling Prophecy when peoples erroneous expectations lead them to act in a way that brings about the expected behaviours thereby confirming the original impression
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