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Chapter 6

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PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 6Psych 1100State of Consciousnessa pattern of subjective experience a way of experiencing internal and external events Altered State of Consciousnessrefers to variations from our normal waking Consciousness our momenttomoment awareness of ourselves and our environment consciousness involves selective attention o ongoing thought perceptions and feelingsy Subjective and private y Dynamic everchanging y Self reflective and central to our sense of self y Intimately connected with the process of selective attentionSelf reportin which people describe their inner experiencesy Insight into a persons subjective experiences but that are not always verifiable Psychological measures establish the correspondence between bodily states and mental processesy Objective but can not tell us what a person is experiencing subjectivelyBehavioral Measuresincluding performance on special tasks y Must sill infer the persons state of mindSigmund Freud proposed that the human mind consists of three levels of awarenessy The conscious mind contains thoughts perceptions and other mental events of which we are currently aware y Preconscious mental events are outside current awareness but can easily be recalled under certain conditions y Unconscious events cannot be brought into conscious awareness under ordinary circumstancesNonconscious processes influence behaviourstudies of placebo effects splitbrain patients subliminal perception and phenomena that you will encounter in upcoming chapters all indicate Daniel Reisberg notes unconscious mental activity is not an adversary to the conscious mind Instead the cognitive unconscious functions as a sophisticated support service working in harmony with our conscious thoughts Control Effortful Processing mental processing that requires some degree of volitional control and attentivenessy More flexible and open to economy of effort and in everyday life most actions may be processed this wayAutomatic Processing mental activities that occur automatically and require minimal or no conscious control or awareness y Disadvantage can reduce our chances of finding new ways to approach problemsDivided Attention the ability to perform more than one activity at the same time y More difficult hen tasks require similar mental resources y Adaptive most of the time it can have serious negative consequences in certain situationsEmotional and mutational processes also operate unconsciously and influence behavioury Bargh and Chartand propose you were influenced by events in your environment of which you were no consciously aware ofbad or good moodTHE MODULAR MIND y Propose that the mind is a collection of largely separate but interacting modules y Moduls are informationprocessing subsystems or networks within the brain that perform tasks related to sensation perception memory problem solving emotion motor behaviour etc y Processes information simultaneously and largely independentCircadian Rhythms biological cycles within the body that occur on approximately 24hour cycleSuprachiasmatic Nuclei SCN the brains master biological clock located in the hypothalamus that regulates most circadian rhythms y SCN neurons have a genetically programmed cycle of activity and inactivity functioning like a biological clock y They link to the tiny pineal gland which secrete melatoninMelatonin a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that has a relaxing effect on the body and promotes readiness for sleep y SCN neurons become active during daytime and reduce the pineal glands secretion of melatonin raising your bodys temperature and heightening alertness y At night SCN neurons are inactive allowing melatonin levels to increase and promoting relaxation and sleepiness y Environemental factors such as the daynight cycle help keep SCN neurons on a 24hour schedule y Your eyes have neural connections to the SCN
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