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Chapter 15

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PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 15Psych 1200Multiple Sclerosis MS Symptomsweakness lack of coordination mild to severe speech problems paralysis y Chronic MS is much more debilitatingPsychologists view stress in 3 different forms 1 StimulusStressors situations that place demands on organisms that tax or exceed their resources y Stress in the stimulus fashion 2 Responsecognitive physiological and behavioural components 3 Organismenvironment interactioncombines stimulus and response definitions into a more inclusive modely Stress is viewed as a personsituation interaction transaction between the organism and the environment Stress a pattern of cognitive appraisals physiological responses and behavioural tendencies that occurs in response to a perceived imbalance between situational demands and the resources available to cope with themStressors y Place demands on us that endanger wellbeing requiring us to adapt in some manner 3 Classes of stressors y Microstressorsthe daily hassles and everyday annoyances we encounter y Catastrophic Eventsoften occur unexpectedly and typically affect large numbers of people y Major Negative Eventssuch as being the victim of a rape death of a loved one an academic or career failure etcAll three of these classes of stressors can have a significant negative impact on psychological and physical wellbeing Life Event Scales questionnaires that measure the number and sometimes the intensity of positive and negative life events that have occurred over a specific period of time The Stress Response4 aspects of the appraised process are of particular significance 1 Demands 2 Resources 3 Consequences 4 Personal Meaning
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