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Chapter 2

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2360
Carol Anne Hendry

Chapter 2Where to Start Learning ObjectivesDiscuss how a hypothesis differs from a predictionDescribe the different sources of ideas for research including common sense observation theories past research and practical problemsIdentify the two functions of a theorySummarize the fundamentals of conducting library research in psychology including the use of PSYCINFOSummarize the information included in the abstract introduction method results and discussion sections of research articles Hypotheses and PredictionsMost research studies are attempts to test a hypothesis formulated by the researchero Hypothesis Is a type of idea or question It makes a statement about something that may be trueWaits for evidence to support or refute itOnce the hypo is proposed you gather data and evaluate it in terms of whether it is consistent with the hypothesisSometimes hypos are stated as informal or formal research questionsThen they design an experimentAt this point the researcher makes a specific prediction concerning the outcome of the experiment If the prediction is confirmed then the hypo is supported Important to note that when the prediction is confirmed the hypo is supported NOT Proven Researchers study the hypo using a variety of methods and each time the hypo is supported we become more confident that the hypo is correct Who we study A note on TerminologyParticipantssubjects APA suggests participants when talking about humansMay also see Respondentssurvey researchinformantshelp researchers understand the dynamics of a particular cultural and organizational settingsSources of IdeasFive sources of ideas o Common sense o Observation of the world around us o Theories o Past research o Practical
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