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Chapter 2

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PSYC 2360

Chapter 2: Developing the Research Hypothesis Getting Ideas Solving Important Real-World Problems - many behavioural scientists o develop their research programs around their concerns with human problems Using Observation and Intuition - behavioural research o study of people in their everyday lives  often possible to develop research ideas on the basis of intuition or hunches  based on observation of everyday behaviour - inductive method o getting ideas about the relationships among variables by observing specific facts o danger  studies based on intuition alone but do not related to existing knowledge may not advance the field very far Using Existing Research - best way to generate research ideas o reading about and studying existing scientific research and then using this existing knowledge to generate new research ideas and topics - research that is based on or related to previous research findings tend to advance science more rapidly o contributes to the accumulation of a unified and integrated body of knowledge - finding limiting conditions o strategy for developing research ideas  consider the potential limiting conditions of previous research - explaining conflicting findings o strategy for developing research ideas  attempt to explain conflicting findings in a research area Doing a Literature Search - literature search o locate the research articles and books that contain reports of previous research o prevent duplication of effort and may help you avoid problems that others have had o provide you with invaluable information about how to measure the variables you are interested in and what research designs will be most useful to you Locating Sources of Information - primary resources o research journals o usually appears in professional journals - secondary sources o documents that contain only descriptions of them o textbooks, etc Conducting the Search - 1. start at a broad gen
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