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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2360
Naseem Al- Aidroos

PSYC2360 Chapter 1Introduction to Researchy Purpose of behavioural research is to increase our understanding of behaviour and to provide methods for improving the quality of our livesBehavioural Researchy Goal is to discover how people perceive their world how they think and feel how they change over time how they learn and make decisions and how they interact with others y They want to understand behaviour and contribute to creating solutions to the everyday problems that face human beings y Behavioural scientists vs othersapplication of scientific research methods o Statements made are empirical meaning they are based on systematic collection and analysis of data o Data information collected through formal observation or measurement o Draw conclusions about human behaviour from systematic collection and analysis of data y Human behaviour is best known through the use of a scientific approach y Conducted in large part to provide information about important social problemsRelying on Our Intuition y Many people believe they can use their intuition to find answers to questions about human behaviour o Result is that many people believe behavioural research is basically common sense and it is not a formal study y Problem with day to day data collection is that it may not be throughy We often have motivational biases that frequently bias our perceptions and lead us to draw erroneous conclusions o Ie we prefer letters in our own nameDiscovering the Limitations of Using Intuition y Experiment using college students read interview of a women but the interviews varied o Found that spilling coffee on interviewers desk and increased ratings of intelligence increased how much students liked her o But students were not aware of what made them increase how much they liked herno idea that her spilling coffee made them like her more y Another way intuition may harm us is the assumption that we already knew that 1
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