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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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PSYC 2360
Naseem Al- Aidroos

PSYC2360 Chapter 3Ethics in ResearchWhat is Ethical Researchy Concern about welfare of participants is only one side of ethicsalso involves maintaining honesty in conducting and reporting scientific research giving appropriate credit for ideas and effort and considering how knowledge gained through research should be used y There is never a clear line but there is an agreed set of ethical principles that must be adhered to y 4 basic goals of ethical research o Protecting participants from physical and psychological harm o Providing freedom of choice about participating in the research o Maintaining awareness of the power differentials between researcher and participant o Honestly describing the nature and use of the research to participantsProtecting Research Participants From Physical and Psychological Harmy Most direct ethical concern is that the research will cause harmTypes of Threatsy Past research has posed severe threats to the psychological welfare of the participants y Sometimes current research despite precautions causes stressful situationsthey discover something unpleasant about themselves etcThe Potential for Lasting Impacty Psychological states created in situations are assumed only temporary o No guarantee they wont have lasting impactsThey can occur later in life y Researchers should choose alternative methods if possible y Most research indicates that there is no lasting impact Providing Freedom of Choice y Second goal of ethical research is making sure participants have freedom in choosing to participate in the research y Ideally everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the research and choose to participate or not without considering other options o Sometimes other things influence participation financial need college students etc 1
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