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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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PSYC 2360
Mark Fenske

Chapter 5Random and Systematic ErrorRandom error is a measured variable that will certainly contain some chance fluctuations in measurementsources include misreading or misunderstanding of the questions and measurement of the individuals on different days or in different places it can also occur if the experimenter misprints the questions or misrecords the answers or if the individual marks the answers incorrectlySystematic error is when the variables systematically increase or decrease the scores on the measured variablelike selfesteem mood selfpromotion etc ReliabilityRefers to the extent to which it is free from random errorA direct way to determine the reliability of a measured variable is to measure it more than onceTestretest reliability refers to the extent to which scores on the same measured variable correlate with each other on two different measurements given at two different timesRetesting effectsreactivity is a potential problem because when the same or similar measures are given twice responses on the second administration may be influenced by the measure having been taken the first timethese problems can occur if people remember how they first answered the question get bored etcEquivalentforms reliability is when two different but equal versions of the same measure are given at different times and the correlation between the scores on the two versions is assessedConceptual variables like intelligence friendliness assertiveness and optimism are known
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