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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2360
Mark Fenske

Chapter 6 Surveys and SamplingA survey is a series of selfreport measures administered either through an interview or a written questionnaireInterviews are when questions are read to the respondent in person or over the telephoneIn an unstructured interview the interviewer talks freely with the person being interviewed about many topicsA focus group is when a number of people are interview at the same time and share ideas both with the interviewer and with each otherThe structured interview uses quantitative fixedformat items and is most commonquestions are prepared ahead of time and interviewer reads the questions to the respondentA questionnaire is a set of fixedformat selfreport items that is completed at their own pace often without supervisionThe response rate is the percentage of people who actually complete the questionnaire and return it to the investigator and is not very high when sent to the general populationinvestigators can sometimes increase response rates by providing gifts or monetary payments by making the questionnaire brief and interesting and ensuring the confidentiality of all of the data and by emphasizing the importance of the individual in the researchUS census is largest data set and the general social survey is a collection of over 1000 items given to a sample of US citizens Sampling and Gen
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