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Chapter 7

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2360
Mark Fenske

Chapter 7 Naturalistic Methods Naturalistic ResearchDesigned to describe and measure the behaviour of people or animals as it occurs in their everyday livesthebehaviour may be measured as it occurs or it could already have been recorded by others or it may be recorded on videotape to be coded at a later timeEcological validitythe extent to which the research is conducted in situations that are similar to the everyday life experiences of the participants Observational ResearchMaking observations of behaviour and recording those observations in an objective mannerscientist can become an observer or a participant Case StudiesDescriptive records of one or more individuals experiences and behavioursometimes they involve normal people but more often they involve unusual or abnormal individuals with such experiences or those going through difficult or stressful situationsLittle Hans split brain patients brain experiments with animals etcBased on the experiences of only a very limited number of normally quite unusual individuals Systematic Coding MethodsSyst
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