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PSYC 2360

Uses of Research MethodsMany occupations require the use of research findingsIt is important to recognize that scientific research has become increasingly important in public policy decisions Research is also important when developing and assessing the effectiveness of programs The Scientific ApproachThe Limitations of Intuition and AuthorityWhen you rely on intuition you accept unquestioningly what your own personal judgement or a single story one persons experience tells you about the world The intuitive approach takes many forms oOften finding an explanation for our own behaviours or behaviours of others Ex That other person wants my joboIntuition is also used to explain intriguing eventsEx Concluding that adoption increases the chanced of conceptionProblem Biases affect our perceptions so we draw wrong conclusions Illusory correlation occurs when we focus on two events that stand out and occur togetherAuthorityAristotle would argue that we are more likely to be persuaded by a speaker who seems prestigious and respectable The scientific approach rejects the notion that one can accept on faithSkepticism Science and the Empirical ApproachThe scientific approach to acquiring knowledge recognized that both intuition and authority are sources of ides about behaviour But scientists dont necessarily accept anyones intuition including their own They accept that their ideas could be wrongScientific skepticism means that ideas must be evaluated on the basis of careful logic and results from scientific investigation
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