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Chapter 10

Chapter 10.

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Chapter 10 Perceiving Depth and Size 229235your perception of all objects is based on a twodimensional image on your retinaexpand our view from two isolated points to the entire retinal image increase the amount of information available to us because now we can see the imageCue approach to depth perception what information is contained in the twodimensional image that enables us to perceive depth in the scene focuses on identifying information in the retinal image that is correlated with depth in the sceneOcclusion a signal or cue that one object is in front of anotherwe learn the connection between this cue and depth through our previous experience with the environmentafter learning occurs it becomes automatic experience in three dimensions1 oculomotor cues based on our ability to sense the position of our eyes and the tension in our eye muscles2 monocular cues that work with one eye3 binocular cues that depend on two eyesOculomotor
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