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Signal Detection Theory

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Sensation Week 1 pages 401406 A Signal Detection ExperimentOnly one stimulus intensity is presented and on some of the trials no stimulus is presentedHit miss correct rejection and false alarmManipulating answers with payoffsThe solid curve going through point L is called a receiver operating characteristic ROC curveAn individuals sensitivity is determined by the shape of the ROC curve so if experiments on two people result in identical ROC curves they have equal sensitivities Signal Detection TheoryTheoretical basis underlying the ideas that the percentage of hits and false alarms depends on a persons criterion and a persons sensitivity to a stimulus is indicated by the shape of the persons ROC curveThe signal is the stimulus presented to the person eg tone noise is all the other stimuli in the environment that may confuse you and cause you to give a false alarmSignal detection theory describes the procedure in terms of presenting signal plus noise SN or noise N noise is always presentThe tone always has the same intensity the loudness changesThe probability distributions tell us what the changes are that a given
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