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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Chapter 2 The Brain The Minds Computer Brief History of the Physiological ApproachAristotle stated that the heart was the seat of the mind and the soulGalen saw human health thoughts and emotions as being determined by four different spirits flowing from the ventricles Descartes specified the pineal gland which was thought to be located over the ventricles as the seat of the soulWillis concluded that the brain was responsible for mental functioning that different functions were located in different regions of the brain and that disorders of the brain were disorders of chemistryThe reticular theory held that the nervous system consisted of a large network of fused nerve cellsThe neuron theory stated that the nervous system consisted of distinct elements or cellsdiscovering of staininga chemical technique that caused nerve cells to become coloured so they stood out from surrounding tissue lead to the acceptance of this theoryThe doctrine of specific nerve energies stated that our perceptions depend on nerve energies reaching the brain and that the specific quality we experience depends on which nerves are stimulated Basic Structure of the BrainThe cer
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