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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 (Part 2)

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

6b 143151 attentionexperiencing a coherent worldAttending to an object brings it to the forefront of our consciousness and may even alter its appearanceNot attending to an object can cause us to miss it all together BindingBinding is a process by which features such as color form motion and location are combined to create our perception of a coherent objectBinding is important because we need to understand what separate areas of the brain are specialized to percept different qualitiesExample you see a red ball roll by cells that are sensitive to the balls shape fire in the Infero temporal cortex cells that are sensitive to movement fire in the Medial cortex and cells sensitive to color fire in other areas the location of color is still being researched Even though all these different areas are being stimulated you dont see the ball as separate shapes movement and color perceptions They combine together to make an integrated perception of the ball Binding problem how do we combine all of these physically separated neural signals to achieve a unified perception of the ballThis is answered behaviourally with Feature Integration Theory FIT is the processing of an object by the visual system as occurring in two stages It assigns a central role to attention st 1 stage is the preattentive stage It DOES NOT depend on attention This stage occurs so fast that we dont know it is happening An object is broken down into features such as color orientation and locationnd 2 stage is the focused attention stage It DOES depend on attention The features are recombined and we perceive the whole object not individuallyTriesman says that an object causes activity in both the what and where streams of the cortex pg 88 What information about color and form Where information about location and motion Attention is the glue that combines the two and allows us to see something as one objectWhen multiple objects with many features are present example basket of fruit binding becomes more complicated The feature integration theory says we need to focus on one object at a time
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