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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Textbook Notes

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Chapter 10pages 235254 DepthC Motionbased PARIETAL CORTEXassociated with depth perceptionThe neuron does not fire to the right or flat slanting but does to the left PICTORIAL DEPTHneuron responds to it and to depth indicated by disparityBinocular depth cells or disparity selective cellsSTRIATE CORTEXrespond to ABSOLUTE DISPARITY1 degreeHigher up neurons in the visual system respond to relative disparityo Demonstrated by rearing cats to that their vision was alternated between left and righteyes every other day during the first 6 months of their liveso These cats had few binocular neurons only and were not able to use binocular disparity to perceive deptheliminating binocular neurons eliminates stereopsisthus binocular disparity selective neurons are responsible for stereopsiso Neurons in sensitive to relative disparityhigher visual systemTEMPROAL LOBE andother areas o Depth perception process beings in the primary cortex and extends to many different areas in both ventral and dorsal streams D Binocular depth cues most important one of all the cuesbinocular disparitydifference in the images in the left and right eye corresponding retinal pointsplaces on each retina that would overlap if one retina could be slidRequire two eyesImportant for close tasks like going down the stairs threading needle30 more accurate when we have both eyes versus oneBased on left and right eyes having different perspectivesMach painter interested in depth perceptiondid a perspective from perspective of his left eye Left and right do not see the world the same wayRely on comparing on the left and right image to view the worldWhen it is close thumb jumps further jumps back and forth as you look at your thumb with only right eye or with only left eyeBinocular depth involves trying to figure out HOW FAR AWAY something is by looking how the image in the left eye is different from the right Can use set point in both images and see the difference in images seen with each eye individuallyTricky we do not need contours to be there for an entire objectCan take two random dot stereo gramsone part out of the two is shiftedone eye sees one thing and the other one sees the other in the end you see a shapeActually see one shape floating to the otherStereovision
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