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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 (Part 2)

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Chapter 4b pg 8495October23111012 PMColumns in the striate cortexCortex is organized into location columnsthat are perpendicular to the surface of the cortex so that all of the neurons within a location column have their receptive fields at the same location on the retinaOrientation columneach column contains cells that respond best to a particular neuronHorizontal linesOcular dominancepreferential response to one eye by a neuron Neurons with same ocular dominance organized into ocular dominance columnsin the cortex Hypercolumnall three types of columns location orientation and hyper combined into one larger unitProcesses info about any stimulus that falls within the location on the retina served by the hypercolumnCalled ice cube model fig 421How is an object represented in the striate cortexObserver looking at treeResults in an image on retina which results in a pattern of activation on the striate cortex that looks like the tree becauseof the retinotopic map in the cortexImage on cortex distorted compared to originalTrunk of tree is in a long orientation stimulates neurons within hypercolumn with a vertical 90 degree orientationA large stimulus for the trunk stretches across the retina and will stimulate a number of diff orientation columns each in a location in the cortex that is separated Tree trunk has been translated into activity in a number of sperated orientation coluumnsCortical representation of a stimulus does not have to resemblethe stimulus it just has to contain info that representsthe stimulusStreams Pathways for What where and howStreams for information about what and whereAblationdestruction or removal of tissue in the NSUsually part of the brain to determine the function of that areaMonkeys first presented with object discrimination problemShown a triangle and cube asked to show the differenceMonkeys then shown landmark discriminationRemove food cover that was closest to a tall cylinderWhen part of temporal lobe removed had trouble with object discriminationPathway leading from str
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