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Chapter on Colour

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Exam 2Sensation and PerceptionColour is one of the most and obvious and pervasive qualifications in our environmentBlue is the most favored colour TerwagtHoeksma 1994Associate colour with emotionsMr I oPainter who became colour blind at age 65 after a concussion in car accidentoWrite letter ro neurologist Oliver Sacks describing that his dog is gray tomato juice is blackoBecame depressedoSunlight became streaks of black against skyoColour blindness was cause by cortical injury Most cases of colour blindness occurs at birth because of genetic absence of one or more type of cone receptorsWhat are some functions of colour visionColour serves important signaling functionsThe natural and human made world provides many colour signals that help us identify and classify thingoType of stone ripeness of fruitsHelps facilitate perceptual organizationoSmall elements become grouped perceptually into larger objectsHow to tell one object from anotherTe tell objects out in a sceneSurvivalEg Monkey with good colour vision would pick out fruits faster than monkey without colour visionoThe link between good colour vision and the ability to detect coloured food led to proposal that monkey and human vision has evolved for the purpose of detecting fruit
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