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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Textbook Notes

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

CHAPTER 10 PERCEIVING DEPTH AND SIZE Your perception of the distances of objects in your environmentyour environment as a whole is based on a twodimensional image on your retinaFigure 101 focuses on two points on the retina NF that represent the image of the tree nearby Nthe house farther away F But the images fall on the twodimensional surface of the retina so they dont indicate the distance to the treeto the house The image is translated as flat THE CUE APPROACH TO DEPTH PERCEPTIONFocuses on identifying information in the retinal image that is correlated with depth in the sceneEx Occlusion In Figure 101 the tree is covering the house which is a cue that the tree is in front of the houseWe learn the connection between cue and depth through our previous experiences with the environment Afterwards the association between particular cuesdepth becomes automaticWhen these depth cues are present we experience the world in 3DTHE THREE MAJOR TYPES OF CUESOculomotor Cues based on our ability to sense the position of our eyesthe tension in our eye muscle Created by o Convergence the inward movement of the eyes that occurs when we look at nearby objects o Accomodation the change in the shape of the lens that occurs when we focus on objects at various distances
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