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University of Guelph
PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Auditory System Damage 11152012 43400 PM Auditory System DamageGives information about auditory systemServes as source of information about causes and treatment of clinical deafnessAuditory Cortex DamageExtremely uncommon because of location in brain embedded in middle o Studies of effects of large lesions that involve core and most of belt and parabeltStrokesprimary and secondaryo Uncommon to be bilateral damageInitially might be impaired but recover great majority of audition o Precortical level in subcortical level can make up for damageMajor permanent effects are loss of the ability to localize sounds and impairment to ability to discriminate frequenciesDeafnessTotal deafness is uncommon 1 o Likely rare due to fact that if one auditory pathway is destroyed alterative pathways remainConductive DeafnessWhen damage is at level of ossicles in middle earMalformed damaged inhibited by cold o Various degrees of deafnessNerve Deafness eg age relatedInput from auditory nerve is impaired o Can happen because of tumour stroke blow to the head born with improper connection with cochlear and auditory nerve o Most common cause is loss of hair cell receptorsIf some of cochlea is damaged might be deaf for some frequencies but not all
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