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Chapter 8

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Chapter 8 Summary Sensorimotor System parallel functionally segregated hierarchically organized downwards as opposed to upwards association cortexmuscles Always have sensory feedback at every stage except ballistic movementsall or none once initiated cannot stop many changes controlled unconsciously does not reach cortexPosterior Parietal Association CortexInput from visual auditory and somatosensory pathways and dorsolateral association cortexOutput to dorsolateral association cortex secondary motor cortexes and frontal eye field involved in directly controlling eye movementsRole in initiating movements anticipatory firing and deciding how to interactplanning neuronsLesions causeImpaired perception and memory of spatial relationshipsReaching and grasping problems initiating movementControl of eye movementAttentionApraxia inability to consciously interact with objectsuse this hammer and nail vs hang the paintingContralateral neglect usually caused by damage to right posterior parietal lobe inability to perceive left side of world egocentric neglectinability to recognize left side of own body objectbased neglectinability to perceive left side of object regardless of orientation many have anosognosia denial of symptoms can be unconsciously perceivedDorsolateral Prefrontal Association CortexInput from posterior parietal association cortexOutput to secondary and primary motor cortexes posterior parietal association cortex frontal eye fieldInvolved in evaluation of stimuli and initiation of movements anticipatory firingNeurons are highly specialized and either fire to characteristics orientationlocation or bothSecondary Motor CortexesInput from association cortexesOutput to primary motor cortex and brain stem bypassing primary cortex why damage to primary motor cortex can be recovered due to direct projections3 main areas supplementary motor cortex premotor cortex 2 cingulate areas
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