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PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Sensorimotor System 11222012 80000 AM Sensorimotor SystemSensory input in crucial for motor outputParallel signals flow between levels by multiple pathsFunctionally segregated each level composed of different units which perform different functionsHierarchically organized directed by commands that are cascaded down allows higher levels of the hierarchy free to perform more complex functionsLearning can change the nature and locus of the sensorimotor control o During initial stages of motor learning each response is performed under conscious control o Responses then become organized over time and are adjusted by sensory feedback without awarenessDownwards rather than upwards flow of informationdifferent than other senses because it is outputMotor output is guided by sensory inputSensory feedbackimportant in fine tuning and continuing responses except ballistic movementsbrief all or none high speed movements once initiated go to completion no feedback to stop it eg swatting the fly o Essential at every level of output there is feedback that fine tunes outputMany changes due to sensory feedback are controlled unconsciously by lower levels in hierarchy Sensorimotor Association Cortex Posterior Parietal Association CortexInputs visual auditory and somatosensory stimuli and the dorsolateral association cortexOutputs mostly directly to dorsolateral prefrontal association cortex and the various secondary motor cortexes and frontal eye field controls directly eye movements and focusing of attentionLocalization of body parts and external objects in spaceImportant for initiation of movements and deciding how to interact with objects
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