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PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Somatosensation 11202012 23800 PM SomatosensationSensations form the surface and the inside of the bodyExteroceptive System external stimuli applied to the skin mechanical nociceptive pain and thermalMechanical stimuli touchThermal stimuli temperatureNociceptive stimuli painProprioceptive System stimuli on body position which comes from muscles joints and organs of balance eg vestibular system in inner earInteroceptive System provides general information about the conditions within your body eg blood pressure internal temperature autonomic sensory informationCutaneous Receptors Skin4 receptors o Free nerve endings o Pacinian Corpuscles o Merkels Disks o Ruffini EndingFaster adaptation o If continuous stimulation receptors will eventually stop responding o Free nerve endings simplestNo specialized structure or shapeNerves that end very close to surfaceRespond best to temperature changes heat and cold and painApply hot or cold stimulation to see if there is a difference in activity otherwise the receptors anatomically look the same for hot and cold o Pacinian corpuscles largest and deepestLook like onion with multiple layers of membraneRespond to sudden skin displacement more than to constant stimulationsEg vibrations vs constant pressureSlower adaptation o Merkels disks gradual skin indentation superficialRespond better when pressure applied gradually o Ruffini ending gradual skin stretch deeperRespond better to stretches applied gradually o Normally found close togetherIn general stimuli applied to skin deforms or changes the chemistry of the receptor which in turn changes the permeability of the receptor cell membrane to various ionsTouchSensitivity to pressure and vibrationPacinian Corpuscles Merkels Disks and Ruffini EndingTemperatureTwo types of receptor o Warms and coolnessFree nerve endings
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