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PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems9102012 122800 PM Central and Peripheral Nervous SystemsCentral nervous system brain and spinal cordPeripheral nervous system nerves and gangliaDirectionsDirections are described in relation to orientation of spinal cord Difference between animals and human directions because we walk bipedallyDirections are rotated as we are standing uprotate once clockwise once reach spineAnteriortowards the nose rostralPosteriortowards the tail caudalDorsaltowards the surface of back or top of headVentraltowards surface of chestMedialcenter of the bodyLateralsides of the bodyProximal in PNScloser to CNSDistal in PNSfarther from CNSThe Spine From the Top DownBrainCervical region neck 7 vertebrae o Cervical spinal cord o Cervical nerve emergesThoracic region chest 12 vertebrae o Thoracic spinal cord o Thoracic nerve emergingLumbar region back below chest area 5 vertebrae o Lumbar spinal cord o Spinal cord ends in upper region of lumbar region o Nerves still emerge below spinal cord ending not solid spinal cord horse tail nerves o Lumbar nerves emergeSacral region lower back 5 vertebrae o Sacral nerves emergeCoccygeal region tail 35 vertebrae o Coccygeal nerves emergePeripheral Nervous SystemSomatic nervous system interacts with external environment skin skeletal muscles eyes ears etc o Sensory input o Afferent nerves bring info into nervous system from environment o Efferent nerves send out motor info to musclesTarget organ
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