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PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Development of CNS 10242012 13000 PM Development of CNSAbout the CNS we used to think thatEmbryonic development lots of changespostnatalchildhood development some changesthen in adulthood a stable fixed organ no changesNow we know thatCNS continues to change throughout our entire life brain plasticity including the formation of new cellsBrain plasticity is still lower than that of children More Comprehensive ViewEmbryonic developmentpostnatalchildhood developmentin adulthood a plastic organThroughout genesenvironment o Eg as early as environment in utero postnatal experiences The Case of GenieAdmitted into the hospital at age 13 135m tall and weighed 62 poundsSince 20 months was left in dark room attached to potty in straight jacketMother was totally blind and said that father did not talk to Genie much o Father was abusive and did not let Genie make noiseMother only aloud to see Genie for a few minutes a day and fed her cereal no solid foodAfter her rescue received treatments but behaviour never went back to normal o Shows how experience plays major role in process of neurodevelopmentGametogenesis through Meiosis After formation cells need to o Differentiate eg muscle liver cells neurons gliaFunctional phenotype o Migrate to appropriate location and align with the right structuresin most cases o Establish functional relations with other cellsBecome integrated in tissueo Or else we would just have many of the same cellsEarly cell developmenttotipotent can develop into any kind of cell in body o Li et al induced mouse early embryo stem cells to differentiate into cochlear hair cellsSpecialized in transmission of auditory signal in earPossible treatment for deafEthical issues in using embryonic cells o Totusall in LatinNeural plate cellsmultipotent
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