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Excitable Membranes and Action Potentials.docx

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PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Cell Membrane 1082012 63000 PM Cell MembraneSemipermeable barrier selective to materials crossingComposed of phospholipids o Polar head glycerolphosphateHydrophilic water loving goes towards water o Two non polar fatty acid tailsHydrophobic waterhating avoid water o Will spontaneously form a circle when phospholipids individually exposed to waterLipidsPhospholipid bilayerNonpolar areas form a hydrophobic region between the hydrophilic heads not aqueous environmentIntracellular space INaqueous cytosolExtracellular space OUTaqueous cytosolAt body temperatures the interior of the bilayer is fluid o Need other molecules that gives cell membrane rigidity maintain structure and shape while at same time being fluidCholesterol structure similar to phospholipids o Glycolipidsmodified versions of phospholipidsHas sugar molecules on heads ProteinsTransmembrane of integral proteins o Have hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions o Signal proteinsFolded number of times in cell membraneInvolved in signaling processescommunication in cells o Channel proteinsForm channelsCan be open or closed allow or prevent flow of different substances o Go across entire membranePeripheral membrane proteins nontransmembrane proteins o Extracellular or intracellular side of transmembrane proteins o They facilitate chemical reactions usually enzymes opening or closing of channel proteinsCatalysto Can help the functions of transmembrane proteins interact functionally with them
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